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Hem pensat que era hora d’unir-nos tots els que ens dediquem a ensenyar ANGLÉS professionalment. L’objectiu és que puguem intercanviar experiències i materials i formar-nos. Volem convertir-nos en un punt de trobada dels professionals de l’anglés i organitzar jornades, xarrades i seminaris. Volem ser la veu dels professionals de l'anglés i col·laborar amb tots els relacionats amb l'anglés i amb l'administració educativa i que se’ns tinga en compte com a interlocutors a l'hora de prendre decisions.

An association to unite us all who teach English professionally has been created. The aim is to share experiences, exchange materials and encourage further training with conferences, lectures and debates and ultimately become the voice of teachers of English and liaise with all those involved and especially with our educational authority.

Friday 12 May 2017

IIAPAVAC Literary Contest

II APAVAC  Literary Contest

On May 5 the awards  ceremony of the II APAVAC Literary Contest (Association of English teachers in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón) took place at the Enric Valor Hall  of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication of Valencia. Winners for the four categories and 21 finalists were presented with prizes and certificates.
APAVAC amb D. Gynther , N. Torres, Dr- Martinez , L Martinez from Pearson-Anaya
In this edition we had as special guests for presenting the awards in each category Dana Gynther
, Valencia American writer established with two novels already published "Crossing on the Paris" and "The Woman in the Photograph" and another "The Admiral's Baths" about to be published. On behalf of our Educational authority, Nathalie Torres, Deputy Director General for Language Policy and Multilingualism. As a representative of the University, Dr. Miguel Martinez, Head of the Department of English and German at the University of Valencia and one of the most important figures in the world of languages and the field of education. Finally, and as always our President of the association Josefina Julián.

As in the previous edition, family, teachers and friends of the winners and finalists attended the awards ceremony , just a selection of  more than a hundred schools from all over  our Comunitat Valenciana.

 The  winners were: in the category 5 & 6 Primaria Andreu Sangster with "Refugee" from Mas Camarena School  in Bétera. In the category of 1&2 ESO, Barbara Sanchez Máñez  with "Everything has changed" from School  Vilavella, Valencia. In category 3&4 ESO, Amina Abed with "Escape from the thunder to fall in the lighting " from IES Gilabert Centelles,  Nules. And in the category of Bach&FP, Paula O'Driscoll  from IES Pere Esplugues , La Pobla Larga.
Apart from the first prize winners received, their schools were also presented with a set of books generously offered by Pearson-Anaya.
Family, teachers and friends enjoyed the reading of their own stories by winners in each category.

Ad Libitum Quartet

This year, to enliven the event, we were delighted with the performance of a quartet consisting of Have Durá Lucia (soprano), Natalia Caballero (Alto), Alejandro López (tenor) and Juan Sancho (bass).
The quality of the stories was even higher than the previous edition. Congratulations to all students who participated.
And a big applause for all the teachers who have encouraged their students Students who might become future teachers of English and  why not even writers .

5&6 Primaria Winner and Finalists

1&2 ESO Winner and Finalists

3&4 ESO Winner and Finalists

Batx&FP Winner and Finalists

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Thursday 11 May 2017


Hi everyone,

We hope you are all very well☺.

This term's workshop will be on Saturday 27th May from 17.00 - 18.30 at APP and we would love to see you all there. 

We will look at teaching exam writing, as this is something several of you have requested, and are also pleased to offer 
you a short presentation on a technological classroom tool from a kind APAVAC member. There will of course be time 
for any questions or queries you have and for a catch up!

Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Christa - mobile: 650 22 30 21

Very best wishes,

Charlotte & Christa