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Hem pensat que era hora d’unir-nos tots els que ens dediquem a ensenyar ANGLÉS professionalment. L’objectiu és que puguem intercanviar experiències i materials i formar-nos. Volem convertir-nos en un punt de trobada dels professionals de l’anglés i organitzar jornades, xarrades i seminaris. Volem ser la veu dels professionals de l'anglés i col·laborar amb tots els relacionats amb l'anglés i amb l'administració educativa i que se’ns tinga en compte com a interlocutors a l'hora de prendre decisions.

An association to unite us all who teach English professionally has been created. The aim is to share experiences, exchange materials and encourage further training with conferences, lectures and debates and ultimately become the voice of teachers of English and liaise with all those involved and especially with our educational authority.

Friday 9 March 2012

ESP Seminar : English in Vocational Training

ESP Seminar : English in Vocational Training

We are pleased to announce that a seminar devoted to English for Ciclos Formativos  is being held in Alicante city  next May 12 at (click) Sede Universitaria Ciudad de Alicante , Avda. Ramón y Cajal,nº 4 , from 9  to 14 h.

This event is only possible thanks to the generous effort of the University of Alicante. We do appreciate their help.

This mini conference is organised by APAVAC and endorsed by Universitat d'Alacant. At APAVAC we realise that ESP is one of the most neglected areas in ELT and wish to bring together professionals  who are involved in a growing field. As most know, LOE  adaptation of Vocational Training Cycles means that a number of hours of Technical English are being included in the syllabuses as a RMI (Reserva de Modulo en Inglés) and although only temporarily the increment in hours for us Teachers of English is substantial. We also know that especially in industrial Cycles published  materials are scarce and many of us are at a bit of a loss when designing course content. We also feel neglected by  our educational authority who will not provide proper training.
We would like this  event to be the starting point of a permanent group of colleagues who get together to share materials, experiences, ideas and general info on all ESP matters.

The event is free and open to all. However, priority is given to APAVAC members since there are only 80 places.

Bear in mind, though, that training activities such as this are free and only possible thanks to the generosity of our speakers and the support of  APAVAC membership. If you are not a member yet, please contribute by joining  us
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To see the programme, click HERE

Alacant, May 12th  

Welcoming address by  APAVAC Board

Opening lecture:  Los lenguajes de especialidad:su aprendizaje y enseñanza.

Dr. José Mateo Martínez(University of Alicante)
Coffee Break

When Humanities and Information and Communication Technology Merge

Dra Victoria Guillén Nieto  (University of Alicante)

"It's a Deal!":
Presentation of serious video game.
Presentation of the Master's Degree in English and Spanish for Specific Purposes at the University of Alicante
Dra Victoria Guillén Nieto
Workshop :“A Showcase of Resources for English Teachers in Vocational Training”

D. Vicente Sánchez Garrigós  (CIPFP Faitanar, Quart de Poblet)

Venue  :        Sala Rafael Altamira


Tuesday 6 March 2012

A l'àmbit lingüístic del CEFIRE de Sagunt fan coses interessants 

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