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Hem pensat que era hora d’unir-nos tots els que ens dediquem a ensenyar ANGLÉS professionalment. L’objectiu és que puguem intercanviar experiències i materials i formar-nos. Volem convertir-nos en un punt de trobada dels professionals de l’anglés i organitzar jornades, xarrades i seminaris. Volem ser la veu dels professionals de l'anglés i col·laborar amb tots els relacionats amb l'anglés i amb l'administració educativa i que se’ns tinga en compte com a interlocutors a l'hora de prendre decisions.

An association to unite us all who teach English professionally has been created. The aim is to share experiences, exchange materials and encourage further training with conferences, lectures and debates and ultimately become the voice of teachers of English and liaise with all those involved and especially with our educational authority.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

I APAVAC Conference

I APAVAC Conference

The English Teachers Association for Valencia , Alacant &  Castelló APAVAC after almost 20 months of being there are holding our first conference in October this year.
The Conference will  not only be a place where we  get together, share experiences and get in-depth knowledge of the latest trends of Languages acquisition  but will also be a showcase for all concerned to see how well the teachers of English get organised and how eager we are to learn and become better professionals.
Bear in mind that this conference is only possible thanks to membership fees and the generosity and effort of many.

You can also contribute by becoming a member.

How to join the conference:

You have to register in advance although anyone who is an ET can attend  registration will give you  priority.
Those who have not registered in advance will only be granted admission if there are enough sitting places.


How to become a member of our Association:
To join us at APAVAC you just  have to log in at our Blog

When: Friday 14 of October 2011 from 16.00 to 21.00 and Saturday 15 from 9.00 to 14.30

Where: IES Abastos in Valencia is in  a former Food Market where a number of other facilities are located including the restaurant “ Tastes of Temptation” for Friday dinner.

To see a map click here

The venue will take place mainly in the Main Hall and a number of rooms next to it

What: We have a short but very intense schedule that you can see clicking  here

Who: Learn about our speakers here

Certification: We are still waiting for our “Direcció General d’Educació i Qualitat Educativa” to instruct CEFIRE Valencia to provide certifications for a ten hour course in answer to our application.

Who to contact just in case
A hotline  will be available to anyone interested on 696 68 98 45,  Vicente

How to get to IES Abastos in Valencia:

BY TRAIN: IES Abastos is within easy walking reach from Renfe Station
BY CAR from the South:
BY CAR From the North
BY CAR From the West

APAVAC found a very nice hotel

Hostal  La antigua Morellana, central and good value

I APAVAC Conference Schedule

Friday 14 October


Main Hall:
Rodrigo Fernández Carmona
Teacher and Teacher trainer.Author

Teaching English Literature in the English Class

Coffee Break

Main Hall:
Speakers will introduce their  Saturday workshops and Round tables.

MªVictoria Oliver Guasp,
Ester Molina
ESP Group
Beatriu Cardona


Main Hall :

MªJesús Frígols
Teacher and Teacher Trainer

CLIL: State of the Art



Conference Dinner
Tastes of Temptation


Saturday 15 October


Room 1

MªVictoria Oliver

Teacher & TeacherTrainer

Millora L'anglès A Través De Les Pel·lícules


Room 2

Ester Molina
Primary Teacher

The scrapbook


Room 3

Asunción Jaime Pastor
Teresa Figuerola
(IES Abastos)
Vicente Sánchez
(CIPFP Faitanar)
Joan Ripoll
(IES Abastos)
ESP Round Table

(vocational training)

Coffee Break


Main Hall

IULMA  Conference Presentation

Dra. Francisca Suau Jiménez, U.València, Directora del IULMA-UV
“El IULMA – Instituto Interuniversitario de Lenguas Modernas Aplicadas: un puente entre Universidad y Enseñanza Secundaria”
Dr Miguel Fuster Márquez, U.València 'El corpus y sus herramientas:aplicaciones a la enseñanza del inglés en secundaria'
Dr Barry Pennock-Speck U.València “Uso de las TIC en el aula de secundaria”
Dra. Carmen Gregori Signes,  U.València “El relato digital o digital storytelling: aplicaciones en el aula de secundaria”
Dra. Ana Belén Cabrejas Peñuelas, U.València: “El glog: cómo se hace y sus aplicaciones a la clase de secundaria”


Room 1

Patrick Howarth
Freelance Teacher Trainer and Course book Writer

Looking Forward to Christmas


Room 2

Beatriu Cardona, EOI

What can the CEF do for us?
Language teaching with and beyond the Framework



Main Hall

Dr.Miguel Martinez López,
Full Professor of English, University of Valencia

Lights and Shades of English Language Acquisition in the Spanish
System: Some Problem/Opportunity Statements

Thanks to :
C.E.T.A.   C  ó  r  d  o  b a

IES Abastos

Conselleria d'Educació, Formació i Ocupació
Universitat Politècnica
Universitat de València
British Council Valencia

A       P       A       V       A       C
        Associació de professors d'anglés
        de València,   Alacant  i  Castelló

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